On 12 August, The Chapman Consulting Group and sister company BeathChapman co-hosted the company’s first ever Global HR Leaders session in Turkey, bringing together over 50 HR Leaders to discuss ‘big data.’ The meeting was hosted at Unilever’s Istanbul offices where participants attended from a range of both local and multinational organisations, such as BASF, Carrefour, Denizbank, Ericcson, Mondelez and Zorlu Holding.

The discussion centred on the changing face of Human Resources and the impact of ‘big data’ on HR management and practices in Turkey. Not long ago, ‘big data’ was considered as nothing more than a collection of information, whereas today it forms a critical component in strategic decision-making processes in the majority of large companies.

According to Matt Chapman, chair of the meeting and CEO of The Chapman Consulting Group, “The need for HR to be comfortable with data and numbers is never greater than now. We are witnessing a fundamental shift in how the HR team will add value to the business, and this will be through the smart use of data.” Stressing the importance of accurate analysis, Chapman continued, “The key is to focus on a few key areas – don’t try to measure and report on everything. Do this properly and gain credibility with the business.”

Steven Gross, Unilever Human Resources Vice President, shared where his company is in terms of ‘big data’ utilisation, and stressed its importance. Gross stated, “Data collecting methods are rapidly evolving. 90 per cent of methods we use today were created in the last two years. ‘Big data’ will enable us to develop new formulae in terms of decision-making, estimations and process optimisation, which offers a new opportunity to companies.”

The Chapman Consulting Group partners with sister company, BeathChapman Turkey, to provide clients with HR search consultancy to identify top talent and strengthen their HR leadership teams. BeathChapman Managing Partner, Andrew Bailey, leads the business in Turkey, which serves as a regional hub for the Europe, Middle East, Africa and Central Asia markets. Bailey commented, “With so many Turkey based HR Leaders at the meeting, from both local and multinational companies, it was interesting to see where each organisation was in terms of the smart use of HR data. Some were extremely progressive and the group found it interesting to learn from those who were ‘ahead of the pack.’”

Twice each year The Chapman Consulting Group brings together select groups of HR Leaders in various locations around the globe, ranging from Zurich, London, New York, Shanghai, Sydney, and more than 25 other locations. These sessions provide an ideal forum for discussion of the current trends and critical issues in the HR industry, while forging key relationships within the field.